The African Diaspora Never Felt This Close To Home: Introducing Sendsprint

13 July, 2022

Relocating from your country is a massive step for many reasons. There are several emotions people go through when they first move. Eventually, they realise it was the best move they made for reasons such as furthering their education, work purposes and many others. 

Remittances are a lifeline for many families in Africa. Relocation is inevitable for many Africans. In 2020, 127.6 million Africans lived outside their home country. One of the challenges faced by people living outside their home country is the need to connect with their loved ones back home. 

Here is a real-life scenario of a family to consider:

Kwabena works as an accountant in the U.K with his wife, who operates an African restaurant.

Their son, Nana, lives with his grandparents in Nairobi, who are retired from active work. Nana is in the third year of university studies and requires money to pay his school fees and cater for his upkeep. 

For Nana, the money sent home by his parents is the only way he can continue with “life as usual”. Money and recurring gifts sent to him allow him to connect to his parents even though they are thousands of miles away. This is why Sendsprint was founded.

What is Sendsprint?

Introducing Sendsprint | Bringing The African Diaspora Closer to Home

Sendsprint connects the African Diaspora to loved ones at home through its money transfer and gifting service. Sendsprint users can send money or gifts from the UK, US or Canada, and it offers three destination countries for senders, including Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Sendsprint also allows payouts to bank accounts, momo and all payment methods in the recipient’s country.

Sending money with Sendsprint

Sendsprint’s Send Money product is a reliable and affordable money transfer solution which connects Africans in the UK, US and Canada by providing a service platform which allows them to send money to their loved ones in Africa. Sendsprint provides a flat transaction fee experience, favourable exchange rates with real-time transaction monitoring and 24/7 customer service support. With Sendsprint, you can simply add the payment card prefered, and you’re good to go.

Sending gift vouchers with Sendsprint Connect

Sprint Connect is the most thoughtful initiative by Sprint to connect Africans in the diaspora to their people back home through gifting. Sprint Connect allows users to send gift cards to recipients in Africa for day-to-day purchases such as groceries, fashion and beauty products and healthcare, amongst many others. Sprint Connect provides over 3,000 retailers in recipient countries. These retailers include Shoprite, Game, Jumia, Filmhouse Cinema, St Nicholas Hospital and Healthplus pharmacies. 

How to send a gift voucher with Sprint Connect

” We understand people’s connection with their home countries and the importance of sending money and gifts home to support loved ones. Sendsprint is about connecting the African diaspora to loved ones at home by enabling fast, simple, and hassle-free international transfers and an innovative gifting experience. This is a product for the African Diaspora, by the African Diaspora. We understand people’s connection with their home countries and the importance of sending money and gifts home to support loved ones. We at Sendsprint understand the multiple demands that Africans living abroad lead. Our service recognises and reflects this. “

– CEO, Damisi Busari

Why choose Sendsprint?

Instant transfers

Don’t just send money; send money fast. Enjoy the convenience of instant transfers to your family and friends across the globe.

Payouts to bank accounts, momo and all payment methods

Send money conveniently with just a few taps using the payment method of your choice. 

All cards supported

Add whichever payment card you prefer, and you’re good to go. 

24/7 support

Speak to a real person any time of the day, on any channel you prefer., whether through WhatsApp, email or our online support service. We are closer than you can imagine. No bots, just humans!

We answered some questions you might have

  1. Is it safe to use Sendsprint?

Sendsprint is approved by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)  to provide money transfer services. We also are partnered with one of the leading payment gateway companies Flutterwave to guarantee secure, seamless and safe transfer transactions. And for extra protection, we’ve allied with Veriff to provide a simple, efficient, AI-powered identity verification and KYC solution against fraud. This means your personal information, card details and any information collected is highly secured.   

  1. What is the flat fee for sending money?
    The flat transactional charge for sending money is $5.
  1. How do recipients receive their funds?
    Money can be received through mobile wallets, bank accounts and at some locations via cash pick-up.
  1. What countries can I shop for vouchers from?

You can currently shop from two (2) countries, Nigeria and Kenya.

We’re determined to expand to all our sender countries. You’ll be the first to know when we do.