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Restaurants in Nigeria Where You Can Enjoy Iftar


Restaurants in Nigeria Where You Can Enjoy Iftar

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Restaurants in Nigeria Where You Can Enjoy Iftar

We’re eight days deep into the holy month of Ramadan, and food is such a huge deal for Muslims during the month of fasting and Eid al-Fitr; the holiday that comes after. On the days when you’re too tired to make Iftar or want to treat your family to a nice dinner, here are a few restaurants in Nigeria where you can enjoy Iftar:

La Chaumiere

La Chaumiere is a family-friendly restaurant that has a great ambience and also good service. Kids are allowed, they have a halal-friendly restaurant and they don’t serve alcohol.

Salma’s Lebanese restaurant

Salma’s is a Lebanese restaurant that also caters to the special Ramadan needs of the people in Lagos Nigeria. If you’re looking for a nice, family-friendly place where you can enjoy iftar with your family, Salma’s is the place for you. It also helps that their food is tasty!

The Gaby Lagos

The Gaby Lagos is a fancy place located in Victoria Island, Lagos. The ambience is super gorgeous! We recommend you save it for a family dinner at the celebration of Eid al- Ftr.

Grenadine Lagos

Formerly known as Arabesque Lagos, this is another cosy restaurant in Nigeria where you can enjoy Iftar with your family. Their menu is middle-Eastern. You can either decide to dress up or down, Grenadine welcomes all!

Orchid House

Orchid House is a great restaurant in Nigeria to enjoy Iftar with family. Located in the heart of GRA, Ikeja, it’s a warm and beautiful space with a specification of Thai cuisine.